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  • In the Trenches: Through Fire and Flames

    $28.00 $24.00

    Click here to buy the downloadable version for only $12.00. 

    Now with 20% thicker counters! 

    Through Fire and Flames is not a complete game. You must own either In the Trenches: Doughboys or In the Trenches: Devil Dogs to play In the Trenches: Through Fire and Flames.

    Through Fire and Flames is BY FAR the largest battle pack Tiny Battle Publishing has ever released for its popular In the Trenches system. The third battle pack for In the Trenches, Through Fire and Flames brings FIVE new battle maps and SEVEN scenarios to the table, including Whittlesey’s Brave, The Lost Battalion, The Kaiserschlacht, the first tank on tank battle, and more. The seven historical scenarios include the British, French, Germans, Americans and let’s not forget, the Bulgarians!  The game’s namesake is born from the German flamethrowers that are added, raising the corrugated lethality of the counter mix. Battle with Schneider, MKIV, and A7V tanks. Bombard enemy positions with mortars and artillery, rake the advancing infantry with machine guns, and infiltrate enemy lines with Strosstruppen. 

    Designed by John Gorkowski, In the Trenches enables players to game historically accurate simulations of tactical operations from the Great War. ITT challenges players to move and fight with company-level formations made of separate platoon-sized units during five minute, impulse-based turns. The historically accurate maps are scaled to 100 yards per hex. This approach recreates WWI command and control problems and inspires historically accurate play without forcing decisions. 

    • 88 counters to maneuver 
    • Five 8.5" x 11" maps (Yeah, FIVE!)
    • 1 Player Aid Card and 3 Scenario Cards
    • 1 Game Turn Track
    • 7 scenarios


    Game Design: John Gorkowski

    Art: Jose Ramon Faura

    Players: 2

    Duration: 90-120 minutes

    Complexity: Medium

    Solitaire Suitability: High