Tiny Package. BIG FUN!

Tiny Battle Publishing is the brainchild of Mark H. Walker focusing on small footprint games (usually 88 counters, 1-2 game maps, 8-16 pages of rules). Working with talented designers, new and established, such as Hermann Luttmann, Brian Train, Tom Russell, and Mark himself, Tiny Battle releases affordable games on a wide variety of subjects: historical, sci-fi, you name it. 

Many companies open folio lines for such games, but Mark felt that would confuse customers as Flying Pig Games produces boxed games with thicker, bigger counters (Big Package. BIG Fun). Tiny Battle Publishing's games look awesome, professional and top notch, but they are printed in small quantities at an American printer in the Northeast (not that we have any problem with overseas printers). This minimizes the initial cash outlay, but also limits the die-cut counters to 38 points, and the packaging to a Ziploc bag (Small Package. BIG Fun).

While finding a professional printer capable of printing the precise quantities we needed was part of the challenge, finding someone to run the company was the other. That someone is Beck Snyder. A jack of all trades with backgrounds in publishing, management, donkey wrangling (Seriously.  Ask her about donkeys some time), and the tabletop and computer game industries, Beck is head-honcho, developer, submission-looker-at-er, rules-wrangler, and all around fabulous person.