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  • A Shattered Union: The Hill of Death -Champion Hill


    Series and module rules here. No scenarios.

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    The Hill of Death is a BOXED game.

    Heavily influenced by his popular A Most Fearful Sacrifice, Herm Luttmann’s Shattered Union series is a new line of American Civil War wargames designed to be accessible to gamers of any experience level. The series aims to provide not only a playable wargame experience in about three hours, but also to produce a realistic simulation of a 19th Century battlefield. The Hill of Death is the first module in the Shattered Union series. The game covers the entire Battle of Champion Hill. This critical engagement was fought just outside of Vicksburg, Mississippi on May 16th, 1863, between the Union Army of the Tennessee (under Major General Ulysses S. Grant) and the Confederate Army of Vicksburg (under Lieutenant General John C. Pemberton). This exciting, fast-playing game includes:

    • 1 – Map 17" x 22"
    • 189 – Counters (the back of the box is incorrect)
    • 45 – Cards
    • Player Aid
    • 1 – Series Rulebook
    • 1 – Game Module Rulebook
    • 5 – Six-Sided Dice (Red, White, Black, Blue and Gray)
    • A box to stuff it in

    Designed by Hermann Luttmann

    Art by: Jose R Faura

    Number of players: 2

    Ages: 9 and up.

    Playing time: 2 hours, 54 minutes.