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  • A Shattered Union: Conquering the Valley


    Conquering the Valley is a BOXED game. 

    Now shipping!

    Following the release of The Hill of Death, Conquering the Valley is the second game in the Shattered Union series. Heavily influenced by 2022's Wargame of the Year, A Most Fearful Sacrifice, Herm Luttmann’s Shattered Union series is a new line of American Civil War wargames designed to be accessible to gamers of any experience level and playable in 3 hours.


    "Once you do begin to unlock the system,
    once it clicks, once you can start playing without having your nose in
    the rulebook every 30 seconds, you will be rewarded with a very rich,
    elegant design that does an amazing job simulating ACW combat."

    Conquering the Valley covers the final two battles of Stonewall Jackson’s Valley Campaign of 1862. Jackson fights two Union armies, beats them both, and then heads off to Richmond for “The Seven Days”. 

    Players can fight each battle separately or combine both as they historically were fought. The game also includes an interesting “What If” scenario; a Union cavalry force captured a key bridge but they failed to burn it and thereby cut Jackson off from his supply train. In the “What If” scenario, those Union troopers actually burn the bridge and force Jackson to fight Fremont’s army but Jackson has limited ammunition. In the end though, the historic game comes down to fighting it out for the Union guns at “The Coaling”. If Jackson can capture the Union artillery at Port Republic, he has won the campaign and can head towards Richmond! 

    This exciting, fast-playing game includes: 

    • 2 – Maps each 17" x 22"
    • 189 – Counters 
    • 39 – Playing Cards
    • Player Aid
    • 1 – Series Rulebook
    • 1 – Game Module Rulebook
    • 5 – Six-Sided Dice (Red, White, Black, Blue and Gray)
    • A box to stuff it in

    Designed by Claude Templeton Whalen 

    Art by Jose R. Faura 

    Number of Players: 2 (but solo friendly) 

    Ages: 9 and up (potential choking hazard for anyone under 9 or hungry adults ) 

    Playing Time: 2 hours 53 minutes (except if you play both battles back to back) 

    Are you the crafting type? Check out Conquering The Valley on Wargame Vault!