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  • Dark War REBOOTED Roleplaying and SKIRMISH Game

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    Dark War REBOOTED RPG and SKIRMISH game is now shipping.

    Download the Character Generation Sheet here. Want the Dark War REBOOTED RPG and SKIRMISH game AND both Dark War novels? Click here for a discounted bundle. 

    It's 1985

    West Germany teeters on the brink of defeat. The American V Corps is all but crushed, and Soviet armored formations rush to the French border. In a small town near the North Sea, a temporary POW camp holds hundreds of NATO soldiers, not all of them human. A handful make a break for freedom.

    Welcome to Mark Walker’s Dark War: a roleplaying and skirmish game set in the midst of World War III, thundering with authentic firefights, and screeching with the bone-chilling cries of the dark entities unleashed by the war’s massive bloodletting. It’s roleplaying military horror, it's soldier-to-soldier/vampire/werewolf/whatever, it's whichever you like.  
    What's New?
    A lot, yet not so much. The core game, which we think is a blast, remains on changed. We did, however, add a monetary system, additional spells and gear, and about 15,000 words of backstory. If you didn't understand the Dark War universe before, there's no excuse now. 

    That's not all. We illustrated completely new standees (or lay-flat counters, depending on how you use them), enhanced the map, added (as we alluded to) over a dozen new pages and several new pieces of art. We want to make this a great RPG and SKIRMISH game. We feel that we have done our part, now all you need to do is play! 

    A Simple Game

    Dark War uses a simple system, based on a single rule. Anytime you role a 4 or greater you get a success. That success might mean you pump two AK-47 rounds into a werewolf, or that your nurse heals a team member, or a witch gains control of a weak-minded soldier, forcing him to fire on his comrade. What varies are the dice that you use. When building your own character, you assign a fixed number of dice (4 x D4, 3 x D6, 2 x D8) to seven attributes--Shooting, Melee, Speed, Intelligence, Charm, Will, and Dodge-- to determine what type of individual you control. The more dice and the better the dice assigned to an attribute, the greater chance you have or rolling successes. But the customization doesn't end there. You can use experience points to buy Kickers, such as "Rifles," which adds an extra D6 when firing a rifle or "Power of Prayer" that allows a character to heal a teammate within two squares. Two many options? Just choose a group of pre-generated characters from the bestiary, slap them on the provided map, and have at it. Or, if you prefer, you can fight out one of the three, included skirmishes

    Obviously attributes such as Charm and Intelligence can be put to great use when roleplaying, but Dark War's unique Action Cards ensure they are relevant even when fighting a quick skirmish.  For example, when an opponent activates a character you can slap the Fear Action Card on them, forcing them to pass an Intelligence test or lose all their actions. Other Action Cards can reload a weapon, add a die to melee, or even heal a wound. 

    When the fighting breaks out, characters determine initiative by rolling a combination of their Speed and Intelligence dice. The total determines when they act (higher is better, obviously) the number of successes determines how many Actions they have. Simple, fluid, and highly interactive. 

    Many RPGs say "Here are the rules, now go buy your own stuff to play with." Dark War is different. In each game you get the core rule book, 18 Action Cards, a 17" x 22" battle map depicting a West German village, and 70 1" square counters that include Russian and American soldiers, civilians, werewolves, vampires, witches, dead folks, zombies, and more. Better still we include a handful of stands, enabling the counters to functions as standees. It's like having your own set of Dark War minis. Furthermore, the rules include three ready-to-play skirmish scenarios (In the Beginning, Stranger Things, My Enemies' Friend) and a beginning-level, one to two session adventure titled, The Escape, complete with generated characters.  When we say "Ready to play," we mean it.

    It's a small unit skirmish game, it's a roleplaying game, it's straight-up fighting or weird war combat. It's whatever you make it. It's the Dark War Roleplaying and SKIRMISH game.

    Here's a sample of the rule book layout.

    Here's a bit of the example of play.

    Each Game Includes
    • a 48-page set of core rules including three skirmish scenarios and a pre-generated adventure.
    • a beautiful 17" x 22" battle map representing a West German village.
    • 70 good looking game chits. Lay 'em flat or stand up up.
    • 18 full-color Action Cards.
    • 10 standee bases.

    The Novels

    Dark War is based on a pair of novels that I wrote, Revelation and Retribution. The novels are part Tom Clancy/Harold Coyle-style modern combat, and part Stephen King bump-in-night paranormal. If that interests you, get the paperbacks right here: Revelation and/or Retribution.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I play the skirmish game solitaire? Sure, you just have to play each side to the best of your ability.
    • Can I use my own miniatures? Of course you can. You can use your own minis, terrain you have made, 1" square battle maps that you have bought, or even hex maps. Nothing in the game precludes that. The difference in Dark War and many RPGs is that you aren't REQUIRED to buy that. We give you everything that you need. 
    • When will the game ship? Dark War will ship in June of 2018. We will fulfill Kickstarter orders first, and then everyone else. Once we start shipping, it should only take a couple of days to fulfill the orders.
    • Can I get the roleplaying game and the two Dark War novels in a bundle to save shipping? Sure, just click here