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Dark War - Revelation (2nd Edition)

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Trade Paperback (5.5" x 8.5"), 266 pages.  15.00

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It’s the summer of 1985. Sergeant Matt Dahl is a tanker, dedicated to his crew and country.  Private Mike Hudson is an infantry grunt, dedicated only to himself. Colonel Michael Balakirev is a Russian paratrooper, dedicated to holding the Tanenhause Bridge. These men are among the hundreds of thousands of men and women embroiled in the Third World War, NATO’s struggle to stall the Soviet advance through West Germany. 

Yet the unparalleled devastation wrought by the war has done more than slaughter untold thousands of soldiers, sailors, aviators, and civilians. The destruction has torn the fabric of our reality and beckoned things -- dark things, things that feed on blood and fear -- into the lives of these combatants. The Revelations of war go beyond the crack of tank cannon, or the burp of an M-16’s three-round burst. These soldiers of the Dark War will witness the chilling howl of a bloodthirsty Lycan, the shocking speed of an attacking vampire, and the implacable evil of an ancient demon.

Thousands of men, women, and machines battle across Germany. Can the Soviet horde be stopped? Can the evil that war has unleashed be contained? Revelation is the first in the Dark War series of novels, and a groundbreaking blend of gritty military realism and paranormal suspense.

We've all read them: books that once we start reading we can't put down. Revelation is one of them - especially if one is a fan of the military thriller and fantasy genres - heretofore never combined (to the best of my knowledge) in one novel before.” -Michael J. Andress 

 “What a great read. Mark is a unique person; he writes books and creates great war games that act as companion of sorts to his novels.” –Devin D. Bass

"This was a real treat to read; a great mix of horror and war." –Chad Lebo

Revelation is the 2nd Edition of the novel World at War: Revelation. In this edition, the novel has been honed, polished, and made even sharper for lovers of the burgeoning military horror genre.