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  • Steamroller


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    Our second boxed game, Hermann Luttmann's Steamroller 2nd Edition is a highly playable, tense, operational look at 1914's pivotal Tannenberg campaign. Command either the German 8th Army or the Russian 1st and 2nd Armies in the battle that decided the early course of the Great War on the Eastern Front. The game is the latest iteration of the system used in Hermann's earlier Race to the Sea 1914, (as well as Dead Reckoning) with corps, divisions, and brigades traipsing around the wilderlands of East Prussia and northeastern Poland.

    Steamroller originally appeared in Yaah #10 magazine. This 2nd edition, includes slight map improvements and corrections in addition to the inclusion of all known errata. The game experience remains similar to that of the first edition.  

    Designer: Hermann Luttmann

    Publisher: Mark H. Walker

    • 2 Players
    • 12 and up
    • 1 game map
    • 1 sheet of colorful, die-cut game pieces
    • Charts and rules.
    • 12 initiative and 24 combat cards
    • Box 
    • No dice needed

    Complexity is about 5 of 10.

    It takes a couple of hours to play.