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  • In The Trenches: Coup de Grace

    $20.00 $17.00

    Click here to buy the downloadable version for only 9.00. 

    " was the longest battle of the war."

    Coup de Grace is an expansion. You must own either In the Trenches: Devil Dogs or In the Trenches: Doughboys to play In the Trenches: Coup de Grace.

    Coup de Grace brings the French and British to the In the Trenches (ITT) system. Included are two battles from Verdon featuring the French, and an additional battle from the Britian's fight on the Somme. Gamers will fight with infantry platoons, British tanks, German flamethowers and much more. A "must have" addition to any gamer's ITT collection.

    Designed by John Gorkowski, In the Trenches enables players to game historically accurate simulations of tactical operations from the Great War. ITT challenges players to move and fight with company-level formations made of separate platoon-sized units during five minute, impulsed-based turns. The historically accurate maps are scaled to 100 yards per hex. This approach recreates WWI command and control problems and inspire historically accurate play without forcing decisions. 

    Game includes:
    • 88 die-cut counters to manouevre
    • One large 11" x 17" map
    • 1 Player Aid Card and Scenario Card
    • 1 Game Turn Track
    • 3 scenarios.