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  • Rifles in the Pacific


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    Rifles in the Pacific (RITP) is the second of Gottardo Zancani’s solitaire RIFLES series (Rifles in the Ardennes). Rifles in the Pacific recreates the sweaty-palms action that characterized the Pacific Theater in World War II in a unique single-player format.  We have replaced the hex-maps typical of World War II games with three beautiful, yet abstracted maps, representing the Pacific Theater and allowing for endless battlefield customization.  

    A simple solitaire system recreates small firefights (five to ten units per side) over a bevy of scenarios, including beach assaults, riverbank defense, random jungle patrols, raids on AA Gun emplacements and radio stations, and a campaign linking the missions together. Blind chit draws and die rolls, combined with artfully crafted charts create an impressive “artificial intelligence,” imbuing the game with true fog of war.

    A fast paced and exciting solitaire World War II game, Rifles in the Pacific offers electrifying tactical challenges in a tiny package.

    Rifles in the Pacific includes:

    • A full sheet of beautiful, 1"-square die-cut counters
    • 3 Abstracted maps representing jungles, beaches… you know, typical Pacific Theater terrain
    • Four Army Sheets (Imperial Japanese Army, Special Navy Landing Forces (Japanese), U.S. Marines, and Commonwealth)
    • Eight Action-Packed Missions and a campaign that uses them
    • One Full-Color Rule Book
    • One Full-Color Scenario Book
    • One Mission-Ready Ziploc Bag