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  • Platoon Commander: India-Pakistan War 1965

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    Version 2 of the Platoon Commander series, with improved art and thicker counters, Tiny Battles introduces India-Pakistan War 1965. India-Pakistan War is a Platoon Commander module simulating the conflict during August and September of 1965 between India and Pakistan in the Chawinda region of Kashmir.  The module designer, David K. van Hoose; has brought to life some of the largest armor battles since the Battle of Kursk. The module includes five scenarios that will take the gamer from small skirmishes to the slugfests that produced what has become known as the Grave Yard of Tanks. Fight with Centurions, Easy Eight Shermans, Pattons, and AMX-13 tanks, insert Guerillas behind the enemy’s lines, and call devastating artillery support. The historically accurate forces are at your command. Can you lead them to victory?


    Platoon Commander is a Mark H. Walker designed, platoon-level game system depicting armored combat from 1936 into the near future. The counters represent everything from tanks and infantry to armored personnel carriers and, as the technology progresses, even missile teams. The game uses an innovative sequence of play; a card-assisted system that is partially impulse driven, partially turn-based, and all fun. Morale plays a decisive role, and the period’s equipment is understandably depicted with colors and numbers on each counter. From the designer of Lock ‘n Load, World at War, and Night of Man, Platoon Commander is an exciting, accessible game of strategy and tactics.

    ·         Two Players, 12 and up

    ·         88 colorful, die-cut counters

    ·         11” x 17” game map

    ·         18 playing cards

    ·         1 x players’ aid card

    ·          Full-color rules and scenario booklet.