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  • Lion of Malaya

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    “The jungle is not such a terrible place.  We can live on rice, salted sesame seeds, and salted fish….the jungle did not have the fear for us that it seemed to have for some of the Allied soldiers.”  - Unnamed Japanese soldier, recounting his experiences during the 1941 invasion of Malaya.

    The thick, lush, wild jungles of the Malay Peninsula held an abdundance of some of the most sought-after resources of the Second World War.  A staggering 60% of all the tin in the entire world lay beneath the tropical terrain, and 40% of the world’s rubber flowed through its trees.  Its war machine starved by Allied embargoes, Japan set its eyes on Malaya both for these and other resources, and as a staging point for further invasions into nearby oil-rich countries.

    Lion of Malaya sets the defending British Imperial and Commonwealth forces against the Imperial Japanese Army in an operational level game covering the Japanese invasion of Malaya and the advance to Singapore between December 1941 and February 1942.

    Clever fatigue rules simulate the mounting exhaustion and dread. Nuanced air rules-- that's right, baby, air rules!-- and the assignment of tank and anti-tank assets deftly emphasize their importance in modern warfare. The Commonwealth is in a desperate situation, but the game's just as tough for the Japanese, who must win a total victory, or no victory at all. It's WW2 gaming at its finest.

    Originally published in Yaah! Magazine, Issue 6, this version of Lion of Malaya includes a number of clarifications and updates from the designer.

     *    77 Unit Counters

    *    11 Operational Markers

    *    One Beautiful 11” x 17” Map

    *    One Player Aid Card

    *    Extensive Historical Notes

    *    One Full-Color Rulebook

    *    One Jungle-proof Ziploc Bag


    Game Design:  Arrigo Velicogna

    Art:  Marc Von Martial

    Players:  Two

    Duration:  120 to 150 Minutes

    Complexity:  Medium

    Solitaire Suitability:  Medium