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  • Mark Stille's Into the Pocket

    $25.00 $22.00

    Download the Print and Play version HERE for only $10.00. 

    Mark Stille's Into the Pocket! It's an honest-to-gosh, hex-and-counter, odds-and-CRT, column-shiftin', panzer-pushin' Eastern Front WWII wargame. Can three desperate Panzer divisions punch a hole in the Stalingrad Pocket big enough to save the encircled 6th Army? Or will they be overwhelmed by a seemingly endless supply of Soviet forces? It's good ol' fashioned historical wargaming at its finest, harkening back to the era when gamers were gamers, and the fate of the world hinged on a +2DRM with 3:1 odds!

    • 11 x 17" map chock full of¬†luscious, snow-covered hexes.
    • 88 die-cut counters of death, representing German Panzers, Russian tanks, and much more.
    • an 8.5" xx 11" rule book and player aid card.