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  • Donetsk -Battle for the Airport


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    A rebadging of the game originally found in Flying Pig Games' Yaah! #9. Donetsk is a squad-level tactical game that simulates the battles for the Donetsk Airport in the Ukraine 2014-2015. You will control squads, RPG and machine gun teams, BTRs, T-64 tanks, snipers and more, as you attempt to gain control of the airport.  The game comes with four scenarios, 88 sharp-looking die-cut counters, and a beautifully illustrated game map.  Ryan writes excellent designer notes that will educate those who were unaware of the Russian-backed separatist’s war with the Ukraine.

    Each Game Includes:

    • 88 die-cut counters
    • 11" x 17" map depicting the Donetsk airfield
    • Player Aid Card (on the back of the rules)
    • Full-color rule book, including the history behind the battle, a revised layout, and latest revisions
    • 1d4... it's an initiative thing
    • A bag to bag it in