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  • A Matter of Honor

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    The Battle of Le Bourget - Oct 30, 1870.

    Long before it became the site of Charles Lindbergh's landing after his first air crossing of the Atlantic Ocean and later of a renowned international Airshow, the town of Le Bourget, in the outskirts of Paris, was the scene of a bloody battle between the French Army and the Prussian forces besieging Paris in October 1870, during the Franco-Prussian War.
    A Matter of Honor is an action-packed two-player tactical board game using a simple but effective area impulse activation system. The game captures the dramatic intensity of the Battle of Le Bourget and its desperate house to house fighting. Added chromes include random event cards featuring historical events players may use to influence the outcome of the battle. Units are companies of elite Prussian Guards, facing determined French Regulars and National Guardsmen in a fight to the finish and for a matter of honor.
    Game Components:
    •    One 8-page Rulebook
    •    24 Event Cards
    •    Three double-sided Player Aids
    •    One 22” x 17” Game Map
    •    120 5/8'' double-sided game counters

    Game Design by Jacques Rabier.
    Developed by Art Bennett.
    Game Art by José Ramon Faura.
    Playtested by Art Bennett, Olivier Hertout, Emmanuel Kern & Stefan Andreas Nellen.
    Produced by Mark H. Walker.