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  • We Happy Few: The Battle of Agincourt

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    Game Design: Tom Russell
    Art: Jose R. Faura & Alex Krumwiede

    Players: 2

    Duration: 60-90 minutes

    Complexity: Low

    Solitaire Suitability: High

    The only Agincourt game you will ever need!

    Near a place called Agincourt, Henry V of England and the exhausted, disease-ridden remainder of his army took on a French force the size of which vastly outnumbered his own, and proceeded to wipe the floor with 'em. The French may have had the numbers, the knights, and the horses, but Hal had a strong defensive position and the all-important English longbow. The French sneered at the bowmen, but like the man said, don't nock it until you've tried it.

    "We Happy Few" recreates one of the most famous battles of the Middle Ages by using the basic skeleton of the S&S system seen in such titles as Flying Pig Games’ "Stamford Bridge" and "A Hill Near Hastings", with important modifications to better suit both the later era and this specific battle. Chief among these is a clever, speedy, and diceless alternative to opportunity/reaction fire concepts that reflects the difficulties inherent in moving under missile fire. This results in a very tough game for the French Player. The English Player is favored to recreate the historical result, but it’s not a stroll in the park.

    Like all S&S games, "We Happy Few" is an ideal introduction to wargaming, but with just enough grit to satisfy the seasoned counter-clipper.

    "We Happy Few" has everything you'll need except for a six-sided die:


    • 88 colorful counters -- only 14 of which are English. We really put the "Few" in "We Happy Few"!
    • 1 sumptuous and verdant 11x17 inch map that will make you "quiver" with excitement.
    • 5 pages of the rules -- sharp, swift, and straight to the point.
    • A spiffy Ziploc bag to keep it crisp till next Crispin Crispian.

    Errata for first printing: 

    -The Player Aid refers to Units being "Suppressed". This should be "Disrupted"; Suppression is a similar game state in other titles in the series. (p. 6) 

    -Rule 2.4 gives the English Initiative, and Rule 3.0 the French. 3.0 is correct. (p. 2) 

    -Rule 6.4, "for the second hex entered", this should be "for each additional hex entered". (p. 3)

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