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  • Stamford Bridge and Hastings

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    Game Design: Tom Russell

    Map and Counter Art: Gabriel Gendron; Command Counters: Jose Ramon Faura

    Players: 2

    Duration: 45-60 minutes

    Complexity: Low

    Solitaire Suitability: High

    Two Great Battles In a Nifty Little Package!

    In 1066, Harold Godwinson was the last Anglo-Saxon to be crowned King of England, and pretty much no one else was happy about it. While he was preparing for the inevitable Norman invasion, he got word that his no-good little brother Tostig had persuaded Norway’s King Harald Hardrada to invade. Harold-with-an-o rushed North and surprised the Vikings at Stamford Bridge, winning a bloody battle that cost him some of his best men. He had to make due with what he had left when he met William of Normandy near Hastings. And we all know how that turned out...

    This special folio edition of Stamford Bridge and A Hill Near Hastings republishes the original Yaah! games that introduced the Shields & Swords series. These have been updated to be compatible with the current version of the series rules, providing a more refined play experience with more options for each side. Also included is the essay that originally accompanied the games in the first issue of Yaah!, “A Tale of Two Harrys”, providing fascinating background material on the dynastic struggles that culminated in the Norman Conquests.

    Your game includes:

    * 88 colorful counters featuring Saxons and Vikings and Normans, oh my!

    * Two 11x17 inch maps

    * 12 simple pages of rules for both games, including historical background essay "A Tale of Two Harrys"

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