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  • Shadows in the Weald

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    Hanook hunches over the flames and hacks off a roasted hare’s haunch with his knife. He settles back into the shadows, his back against the tree, and lazily sucks the meat from the bone. “I don’t like this,” he says. “My whole life, I’ve had one rule.”  

    “Not the one rule again,” groans Tyne. 

    “Don’t be on the wrong side,” insists Hanook. “My whole life, I’ve always been on the right side.”

    Shadows in the Weald is the second edition of the game originally published in Yaah! #5  and doubles the number of Matches (up to 10) and maps (now 2). It's numerous matches are meant as an introduction to the Heroes & Hirelings system, using only the 88 counters and TWO 11" x 17" map sheets provided. The game is play, rather than story, focused; the Matches are meant to highlight some of the possibilities inherent in the system, rather than to represent any overarching theme or narrative. As such, Heroes might be allies in one Match, and enemies in another.

    Heroes & Hirelings is a fantasy skirmish combat game. Players control a Party comprised of two kinds of Characters: Heroes and, you guessed it, Hirelings. Heroes are powerful, named Characters with special abilities. Hirelings are anonymous mooks who give adjacent Characters the benefits (and detriments) of Buffs. The object of a Match is typically to Defeat a certain number of your opponent’s Heroes. The game is played with 2 Maps, 88 Counters, Markers, Cards, and several eight-sided dice. That’s eight, not six or ten. Everything but the dice is provided.

    Module Design: Tom Russell

    Character & Item Art: Alex Krumwiede

    Counter/Card Layout & Map Art: Patrick Tremoureux

    Duration: 60-120 min

    Complexity: low

    Solitaire playability: high