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  • A Shattered Union: The Battle of Brawner's Farm

    $60.00 $49.00

    This game is a pre-order. The game will ship in July 2024. Any games ordered with a pre-order will not ship until the pre-order ships.

    Heavily influenced by his popular "A Most Fearful Sacrifice", Herm Luttmann's Shattered Union series is a new line of American Civil War wargames designed to be accessible to gamers of any experience level. The series aims to provide a playable wargame experience in about three hours. Following the release of "The Hill of Death" and "Conquering the Valley", "Bring Out Your Men, Gentlemen!" is the third module in the Shattered Union series. The game covers the initial fight of the Second Battle of Manassas. Jackson attacks one Union Division but finds that "The Iron Brigade" is worthy of its name.

    Players can fight the entire historical battle, a shorter version of the historical fight or an interesting "What If" scenario, where more Union forces have a chance to enter the fight. The Game is on a different scale than what was used in the first two games in the series. Besides using demi-companies, the rules on rallying forces differ and therefore the game better reflects the "stand-up" fighting conditions at Brawner's Farm.

    This exciting, fast-playing game includes:

    1 - 22" x 17" Map

    252 - Counters

    62 - Cards

    2 Player Aids

    1 - Series Rulebook

    1 - Game Module Rulebook

    5 - Six-Sided Dice (Red, White, Black, Blue and Gray)

    Designed by Claude Templeton Whalen

    Art by Jose R. Faura

    Number of Players: 2 (But solo friendly)

    Ages: 9 and up.

    Playing Time: 2 hours, 57 minutes.